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Claeys Old-fashioned Sugared Hard Candy Drops

Sen-Sen - The Original Breath Freshener

Box of 14 Smith Brothers Black Licorice Cough Drops

Clark's Nostalgic Gum

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Welcome to our virtual candy store.  You might ask, "What do rare, heirloom seeds have to do with candy and gum?"  Well, to us at the Victory Seed Company, they both happen to be a form of edible history which we are helping to preserve. The common fate that they both share is that varieties tend to quietly slip into history becoming forever unavailable.

By purchasing these classic and nostalgic gum and candy varieties from our store, you are actively creating a demand for the products. This helps to ensure that the confectioners keep producing. Additionally, proceeds from your candy and gum purchases help to fund our work researching, locating, and growing rare garden plant varieties that are threatened with extinction.  - Read More -

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You will note while exploring our site, we are not a typical virtual store front interested only in selling merchandise. As with our seed work, we are interested in the histories and pedigrees of the products that we carry.

If you have personal memories of these brands which you would like to share, additional historical information, photographs, etc., please do contact us or leave your review on the product pages.

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VictorySweets.com is an online candy store with old-fashioned and nostalgic candy and gum. Nostalgic candy includes various flavors of Claeys old-fashioned sanded sugar drops, Chowards mints including violet and "scented gum". Classic nostalgic gum brands include Clark's Teaberry (sometimes called Teabury), and Sen Sen. Be sure to check back soon for new additions.


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